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Bathroom Plans - Layouts and Remodeling Ideas for Bathrooms

Bathroom plans are typically shown as an integral part of the overall house plan. Therefore, perhaps the best way to find your ideal bathroom plan (or to find design ideas) is to examine how designs of bathrooms fit into the overall plan of a house, especially the bathrooms in the house plans that have similar layouts to yours.

  • Floor Plans - They have 27,000 floor plans to browse for free and most of the floor plans have more than one bathroom. For example, 7,768 two bathroom plans, 6,413 three bathroom plans, and 2,484 four+ bathroom plans are a lot of bathroom designs to look at! A good way to narrow down your search is to browse house plans that are likely to have the type of bathroom designs you are looking for. For example, the 4,000+ square foot homes will likely have a luxury master bathroom suite while a floor plan less than 1,000 square feet is likely to have more compact bathroom plans.

  • Architectural Designs - Their advanced search feature allows you to search by the number of half baths so it can help you find at many great half bath layouts to look at. When viewing their floor plans they have a nice feature to "View or Print Clearer Image (PDF)" which is especially nice because it enables you to zoom in close on the bathroom plans.

  • ePlans - I clicked their tab to "Browse Collections" and found a special page for "Ultimate Baths". The fist link I clicked showed multiple bathroom plans which included a special his and hers master bathroom designs where the two bathrooms were connected by two shower doors. In case you are interested, the design number for that plan was HWEPL12516. However, there were 57 pages of additional floor plans in their "Ultimate Baths" section that provide many more bathroom layouts.

  • Dream Home Source - One good way to use their site to explore bathroom plans is to use their search feature to specify that want to see floor plans that contain interior photos. Not every plan will interior photos of the bathroom plans, but some of them will and it may be worth the hunt to see bathroom plan come to life with an actual photo. With a small amount of searching on their site, I found one floor plan, DHSW52334, which contains a layout of a luxury master bath along with an exciting photo of what it can look like when finished.

Above are some sources for finding bathroom plans as well as special tips to help you to fully utilize their search features to help you efficiently browse and compare various bathroom plans for free.

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