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Kitchen Floor Plans and Design Layouts

Kitchen floor plans are generally shown together with the overall house plan as the kitchen design should complement and be complemented by the home layout. Below are some floor plan sites that include various kitchen design layouts that are free to browse through to help you generate your new kitchen design or inspire some kitchen remodeling ideas.

  • House Plans - They have a massive database of tens of thousands of floor plans and an advanced search feature that enables you to search for kitchen layouts that contain a butler's pantry, kitchen island, kitchenette/wet bar, nook/breakfast area/dining, peninsula/eating bar, and walk-in pantry/cabinet pantry.

  • Dream Home Source - If you use their feature to browse different design styles like Contemporary, Colonial, European, Southwest, or Victorian styles, you are likely to find the kitchens are styled to match the theme of the house plans. They also have an search feature to match house plans that have interior photos and changes are at least one of the photos will be of the kitchen.

  • ePlans - They have some special collections of kitchens including "Ultimate Kitchens" and "Big Kitchens". To get to them you visit their site and go to "Browse Collections" » "Interior Features".

    Also, if you are able to search kitchens for country kitchen, breakfast nook, kitchen island, snack bar, walk-in pantry, butler's pantry, and planning desk.

  • Architectural Designs - When searching through their floor plans for kitchen plans be sure to use the feature to "View or Print Clearer Image (PDF)" which helps you to zoom in and view the kitchen layouts.

  • Floor Plans - Their site is very good at letting you know how many plans match your search refinements. For example, the last I checked they have 12,260 floor plans with kitchen island design, and they have they also have 3,574 kitchen plans with a walk-in pantry. If you want both the kitchen island and walk in pantry, then you are in luck because they have 2,633 designs matching that criteria.

Note: If you are looking for small kitchen floor plan designs then you will probably want to search within floor plans with small square footage. Similarly, if you are looking for large, luxury kitchen floor plans then you should probably search within the large luxurious house plans. Basically, the best place to start is to check out the kitchen plans in the homes that are most comparable to yours.

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